Types of drills and their uses

The drill is one tool that comes with an attachment of a cutting tool or driving tool. like a driver bit or drill bit that is used in the creation of holes in different materials, or the driving in of screws. The attachment usually is linked with a chuck at a drill’s end, allowing it to get rotated when pressed on the material targeted.

The tip, as well as the edges of the cutting tool,  are involved in the cutting of the material targeted.

This could involve the slicing off some tiny shavings like auger bits or the twist drills; the grinding of tiny pieces like oil drilling; the crushing, as well as the removing of bits of the workpiece; counterboring, countersinking, and so on.

Drills are usually generally in construction, metalworking, woodworking, and so on. There are some designed especially for space missions, medicine, and a lot of fields. The various types of drills can be used for various purposes, and come with varying characteristics like capacity and power.

Types Of Drills

Some drills are powered by electricity- the electric drill. some are manual or powered via the compressed air- the pneumatic drill.

Few get powered by the internal combustion engine like augers used in earth drilling.

Drills that work with the percussive action. Like the hammer drills are usually used on tough surfaces like stone, concrete- masonry, or even rock.

There are drilling rigs created to bore, in the earth, holes in search of oil or water. The heavy drilling rigs are used to create geothermal heating holes, water wells, as well as the oil wells. There are drills that can be held in the hand to drive in fasteners like screws.

There are small tiny appliances that do not have their own motor.

Cordless drills

Cordless drills are electric drills that work with rechargeable batteries. These drills usually have features that remind one of a drill that is mains-powered. These cordless drills are known to be very common types of drills. The cordless drills also come in the hammer drill form, with a lot of them having the clutch. The clutch allows the screws to easily be driven into different materials, without destroying the materials. There are also the right angle drills, known to permit the easy driving in of screws to spaces that are tight. There are some that are capable of drilling very large diameter holes.

To use it properly, the user should have extra battery packs. This will allow the other battery packs to be charging when the process of drilling is ongoing.  Swapping batteries when drained will prevent the worker from waiting for more than one hour for the single battery pack to charge before he can continue working. This has started to change as there are now brand new Rapid Charge Batteries that easily get charged within fifteen minutes.

Magnetic Drilling Machine

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This magnetic drilling machine is one portable machine that is used to drill holes in workpieces that are heavy and long. Hence, can’t be moved to a drilling machine that is stationary. The magnetic drilling machine comes with a magnetic base that can drill holes with tools created for cutting such as annular cutters or broach cutters.

There are different kinds of magnetic drilling machines, which work based on their specializations, as well as operations.

Some are created for specializations such as cordless, cross table base, automatic feed, pneumatic, and so on.

The magnetic drilling machine is also called the mag base drilling machine, magnetic core machine, mag base, or even mag drill.

Hand drills

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Hand drills are different hand drills that have been used for a long while. Some were used centuries ago.

They include Gimlet, Bow drill, Wheel brace, brace and bits, Pin Chuck, Push drill, and so on.

Pistol-grip corded drill

There are drills that come with pistol grips and have been in use for a while and come in various subtypes.

Many tradesmen like electricians and plumbers make use of the right-angle drill. The corded drills have a universal motor because of its high ratio of power to weight. Pistol-grip corded drills are also very common types of drills.

Hammer drill

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Hammer Drills looks like the standard electric drills, with its difference being that it provides users with the hammer action that is used in the drilling of masonry. The efficiency of this drill is set at 50-60%.

Rotary hammer drill

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A rotary hammer drill can be called a rotary hammer, and it uses both mechanisms like a hammer, as well as a separate rotation mechanism. This drill can be used on materials, especially tough ones like concrete.

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