Makita XDT08Z Review

Working with drills and impact drivers have been my thing for many years. In the process, I have had to try out different products, and in so doing. I have been able to compare their performances and know their area of strengths and weaknesses.  Different people look out for different attributes when they use an impact driver. The attributes include power, efficiency, ergonomics, weight, cost, etc.  I was window-shopping for a new drill set when I saw the Makita XDT08Z 18V LXT. One look at its features had me in awe, and I knew I had to add it to my collection of tools.

Performance and Versatility

While using the Makita XDT08Z, I was impressed with how well the tool performed. I remember vividly how one day I was using it to drive screws, and thought “wait a minute, what if I decide to use it for this…”, in no time I was using it as a drill die grinder, a screwdriver, a nut driver, an impact wrench, and a whole lot of other applications of the tool. It performed excellently well in all cases. So, trust me when I say the impact driver’s versatility is out of this world, and it is an excellent performer.


One of the features I look for in an impact driver is the power it packs, and the Makita XDT08Z is one powerful tool to have and use. The impact driver spots a brushless motor that guarantees a run time of greater proportion, increased speed, and power.  The 18V tool has the ability to deliver a maximum torque of 1,520 in-lbs, and a maximum speed of 2,500 RPM. The tool is electronically engineered for monitoring and regulating the speed, depending on the application, and the electronic control is also responsible for optimizing the battery energy use.


-The tool has computer controls for conserving battery life and regulating speed and torque.
-Compact design for increased productivity, and reduced fatigue.
-The absence of carbon brushes, which will give the motor a longer life.
-It has a brushless motor, which means that it does not have any internal carbon brushes. This allows the motor to operate efficiently at a cooler temperature and gives the motor a longer life.


-Weight: 3.4 lbs
-Length: 5-7/8 inch
-Power Source: Cordless
-Voltage: 18 V
-Batteries: Lithium-Ion
-No Load Speed: 0 to 2500 RPM
-Maximum Torque: 1,520 in-lbs

Customer/User Impression

As usual, before opting for a particular product, I always carry out a little research about the product. Most part of the research has to do with the reviews I read online, as it helps me have a better idea of the product. So before and after getting the Makita XDT08Z, many of the other users praised the brushless motor as it proved to be more efficient than the motors that used carbon brushes. Many others have made it their favorite tools. It’s powerful, efficient, and durable compared with many others within the same range in the market. Another user that did a project that involved re-roofing a jewelry store said his first impression about the Makita XDT08Z was positive. He commented about the aesthetics and battery life. Also, he was saying that the Makita appeared to run forever, even though it was used very hard. He said the impact action felt smoother than all other impact drivers he has ever used. He said it was really fast, had less noise, and really exceeded his expectation throughout the project. According to the reviews by other users, the positives outweigh the negatives, which invariably points at the impact driver as a very effective tool.


Getting a powerful, efficient, and durable equipment is not usually easy. As you are presented with many options but are not sure which will give optimum performance.  The Makita XDT08Z Impact Driver is one of the best impact drivers in the market and will be at that spot for a long time.

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