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Having to deal with options and choices is not always easy, especially when all the options look good at face value. When it comes to drilling and driving tools, you may need to go beyond face value and pay attention to important things like durability, performance, efficiency, and other outstanding benefits the tools have to offer, this is why there’s a need for elaborative reviews. A couple of reviews I found on the internet about the Makita HR2641 got my attention and I knew I had to get one too and do my own review based on my personal experience with the tool. I have listed and explained some of my observations about the Makita HR2641 below.


When I got the Makita HR2641 I was so eager to try it out, and on the first use, I noticed there were very minimal vibrations compared to others that I had used, the minimal vibrations were as a result of engineering the tool with Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) which is a function of the counterbalance system inside the machine.  Hence, the HR2641 is perfectly able to combine power and performance with very minimal vibration.  This makes the HR2641 very suitable for different applications, and overhead drilling is one of them.


This amazing tool, aside from being efficient, and compact has a lot of power (one of my favorite features in any electrical tool).  The HR2641 comes packed with a motor that has a rating of 8 AMP and delivers impact energy of about 2.1 ft.lbs and can effectively handle applications that are very demanding. The HR2641 also has three modes of operation to select from: Chipping Only, Hammering with Rotation, and Rotation only, which are suitable for various kinds of applications. These modes can easily be changed with the selector which you will find just under the gear housing. Also, to enhance productivity, the HR2641 is designed ergonomically with a D-shaped handle and rubber grip.


-Built with a damper spring to help in absorbing vibrations as a result of impacts.
-Counterbalance system inside to reduce vibrations
-Tool hook that can be retracted and used to secure the tool when no one is using it.
-Gear damage is prevented by the torque limiting clutch.
-To enhance versatility, there is a speed trigger that is variable.
-Ergonomic design.
-The timing of impact is sequential
-Positioning is not a problem, due to the angle setting that is 40 bit.


-Weight: 7.1 lbs.
-Length: 16-5/8”
-Power Type: Corded
-No Load Speed: 0 to 1,100 RPM
-Blows per Minute (BPM): 0 to 4,500 BPM
-Maximum Torque: 2.1 ft.lbs.
-Voltage: 120 volts

Customer Remarks/User Impression

I am impressed with the tool, and so are many others who have used the hammer drill, and trust me when I say that I have not seen any negative customer review about the HR2641, as everyone who has said anything about the tool, have only said good things. So it is safe to say that customer satisfaction with this tool is very good.

There are no better reviews than honest customer impressions, here are some of the feedback we got from users of this tool.

“I purchased this product to remove thin-set tile. It does an excellent job of removing the tile. It doesn’t overheat like some other tools I have purchased. Great for residential thin-set tile removal. If you have a large job; I would suggest a bigger tool.”

“Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. For plumber and construction contractor, this drill is great for drilling holes in concrete for anchors.”

“This is my first Makita HR2641 Accepts SDS-hammer drill. I should have bought this 20 years ago, it works great.”


The Makita HR2641 is a very powerful and versatile tool that has won the hearts of many users, including mine.  Its ergonomic design makes it easy to control without getting easily fatigued.  Furthermore, the inclusion of multiple options like drill only, hammer drill, and high shammer drill give users the opportunity to utilize the tool and get optimum performance.  If you are looking for a very efficient hammer drill, then I recommend you get the Makita HR2641.

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  1. having been a user of Makita since the “9.6V” days, i got my boss to purchase this for work–electrician for a zoo– the hilti we have is HUGE and so is the bosch..which are both older and just too much for anchors. thanks for a great product.

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