Impact Drill Vs Regular Drill

There are a lot of power tools on the market that can be used for a lot of projects. Amongst these projects, there has always been a regular rivalry between the impact drill. as well as the regular drill. A lot of people opt for the cordless drills when conjuring up thoughts about the rivalry.

Among power drills, cordless drills are the most popular drills or drivers. It is very portable and may not lose its popularity title with the trend on the ground. That may be so, but there seems to be a newcomer in town, the impact driver.

Another kind of power tool that is specialized has showed-up in the market. It’s trying to upstage the others, It is the hammer drill. In this work, we will focus on the regular drills or drivers, impact drills, what their differences are, as well as what makes them stand out.

We will explore how an impact drill works. Also, if there is a need to procure an impact driver when you own a drill or driver.

A Cordless Drill

The cordless driver is very flexible, as well as a versatile tool. It’s created to drive both screws, as well as drill the holes. The cordless driver comes with a keyless chuck. It’s designed to allow a wide range of the hex-shank, as well as the round-shank drill bits, and the screw-driving bits. It can also be used with other accessories like wire-wheel brushes, rotary sanders, hole saws, and so on. The cordless drivers or the drills come with the slip clutch that is known to allow users to easily and just the torque’s amount for a better and consistent screw driving.

The cordless drills are usually versatile. It can be used generally for different functions. But, there are some options that need specialized functions. You can opt for the impact driver if the work involves a lot of screwing.

The cordless drills are used in those projects that are low maintenance and need both the drilling of holes and the driving of screws at a slow and steady pace.

An Impact Drill

The impact driver, on the other hand, is designed to look like the regular driver. But there is a distinction that is noticeable. It doesn’t come with a keyless chunk like the regular driver but comes with a collet that is designed to accept the hex-shanked driver bits. The impact drivers are created to do a job, which is to drive in screws. It does this job very easily, as well as quicker than the regular drill or any kind of tool for that matter. Also, they are designed to drive in large as long fasteners. Especially the fat lag screws, that would not have been drilled well by any other drill in the market.

The impact driver can be used to drive in screws very easily and quickly than the usual cordless drill. It will reduce one’s risk of having an injury, as well as stripped screws. The impact drivers are usually not as sensitive as the cordless driver. This is why the impact drivers are great for those projects that the screw’s depth is not important.

The impact driver makes use of concussive blows. Also, the rotation one, to drive the power-drive screws into any thick or dense wood. This leads to a show of the raw power that is unadulterated. The impact drivers are known to usually deliver about three times greater turning force than the regular driver or drill.

A test done by us showed that a single  18-volt impact driver was able to drive in effortlessly 138 3-inch lag screws using one charge. Not minding that the impact driver has brute force. It can be used easily and can be worked with comfortably. This stems from the fact that its concussive action ensures that there is a transfer of that great energy torque to the screw used directly. And, not to the user’s forearm or wrist. Though the impact driver doesn’t come with a slip clutch, its concussive action ensures that screws can easily be driven with both great precision, as well as control.

If you need those tools that need a lot of screws, and drilling, it will not be a bad idea to opt for the impact drill. The impact droll can be used to screw the plywood subfloors, as well as install the tile backer board. If you have no plan of working on these projects that involve a lot of screwing, maybe you should opt for the versatile cordless driver.

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