Difference Between Impact Driver And Hammer Drill

A lot of people that make use of power tools can’t differentiate between both tools, impact drills, as well as Hammer drills. The major differences among both tools include the method of operation, weight, appearance, expense, as well as purpose.


Both different kinds of drills have different purposes.  The Hammer Drill is used to regularly drill holes into various hard surfaces like concrete or brick. It can be used in masonry. A lot of hammer drills come with features that allow them to easily be changed into a normal drill.

The impact driver, on the other hand, is used regularly to drive in nails, screws, as well as other fasteners. Users can use it to drill nails via sheetrock if wanted, and it is used in many occasions that need a regular kind of drill.

It is not right to use the impact driver to do woodwork because there may be the need for additional power caused by the fastener used, and this could lead to the damaging of any item that is handled.

The hammer drills are usually used in drilling into surfaces like concrete, cement, as well as other hard surfaces, while the impact drill is used in removing screws and bolts. The tools are very powerful and work through varying mechanisms of action.


The impact and hammer drills differ in appearance, as the impact drill tends to be stubbier and shorter than the hammer drills. The impact drill doesn’t have a chuck like hammer drills but comes with hexagonal sockets. It also comes with an adapter that is designed to hold the bits that may need to be attached.

On the other hand, the hammer drill is usually larger and heavier than the impact drill. It seems to look like the smaller jackhammer. The hammer drill usually comes with a drill chuck, which is capable of holding the various kinds of sizes and bits.

Manner of Operation

The impact drill, as well as the hammer drill, have different manners and kinds of operation. The hammer drill makes use of a lot more pressure than is expected of the impact drill. When a user makes use of it, it makes one feel that a hammer is quickly hitting it as it moves on the hard surface. The hammer drill, when used, tends to be loud, and vibrates both forth and back. It comes with an adjustable clutch to prevent a lot of force to get applied to it.

The hammer drills make use of electro-pneumatic, as well as the cam-action hammering mechanism.

The impact drill, on the other hand, moves in a rotary manner. It makes the user feel he or she is making use of a cordless screwdriver, unless in those cases that a lot of power is in need. When that occurs, a special kind of mechanism comes into play, and more force will be needed. Normally, the impact driver doesn’t come with a clutch that is adjustable to prevent a lot of power to be used to do a little job.

The impact driver usually exerts a torque or perpendicular pressure, making use of similar motion that needs to either screw fasteners or unscrew them.

When procuring a power drill, one should opt for the impact drill or the cordless hammer or any corded power tool. The cordless drills are usually far lighter in weight. They can easily be used virtually anywhere, and are known to not be restricting. While the tool is being used, the user doesn’t have to be bothered about a cord obstructing the work. While getting the cordless tool, it is of great importance to also procure a second battery pack. This will allow the other one to charge while you use another. Those drills that are cordless are as powerful in operation as the corded drills. The new hammer drills in the market usually come with the lithium-ion batteries to get greater power.


When comparing the prices of both drills, it has been seen that the hammer drills are a lot more expensive than the impact drills.

A hammer drill may be needed for those drillings that are tougher. It can’t be done correctly by the impact drill.


Generally, the hammer drills, as well as the impact drills vary a lot. In weight, use, price, the method of operation, as well as appearance.

The impact drill is used commonly around the house to do daily projects surrounding the home improvement. It could be opted for if a user just wants one form of drill. They are smaller, and not as heavy as the hammer drills while being capable to do a lot of works.

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