Dewalt DCD777C2 Cordless Drill Review

This is the Dewalt DCD777C2 Cordless Drill. Dewalt’s least expensive brushless drill, featuring the full advantages of a brushless drill with its compact size and lightweight body. It’s the newer model of the old successful brushed Dewalt DCD771, but with greater power, smaller size, and less weight. This makes it one of the most popular and best seller 20v drills in its class. It’s my best recommendation drill for home use and light to medium DIY projects. Not to forget, it’s considered as Dewalt’s budget-friendly compact brushless drill because of its great affordable price!

Size and Weight

The drill weighs about 2.6 pounds and has a length of 7.5 inches. This will make it one of the lightest and shortest drills in its class, thanks to the brushless motor! Compared to its old version model the DCD771 is 1 pound heavier and 1 inch longer.

Power & Performance

The drill has a rating of 340 UWO ( Unit Watts Out). UWO is a unit to measure the output of the torque and speed with its highest. That will give us the overall power of the drill which is the UWO. With this rate of power, the drill has shown impressive results with its performance. Also, it has 2 Speeds, with No Load speed of 0-50 & 1,750 Rpm. Through testing, the drill was able to drill around 180 holes with one single battery, it took 3 seconds for drilling a 1-inch hole (wood) and 7.5 seconds for driving a lag bolt. These results are pretty good for a lightweight compact budget-friendly drill.

The DCD777c2 model comes with 2 lithium batteries, and the only disadvantage for me is the charging time. it takes around 60 mins to charge a battery but it’s not a big deal due to the battery long-lasting and the second extra battery that you can switch with.

Clutch & Chuck 

The Clutch has 15 adjustment settings to help you drive screws more steady and professional. You can take the advantage of the 1/2 inch single sleeve ratcheting Chuck, so you can change drill bits faster and much easier and can provide tight bit gripping strength. The maximum drilling capacity is 30mm for wood and 13mm for metal. Furthermore, Chuck is made of plastic which will be a disadvantage for some others. However, Dewalt made their best to keep the drill light weighted and compact, and let’s not forget that the drill is designed for medium-light use.


From the first time you use the drill, you will notice the great build and quality feel of it. It has got a comfort grip handle that is great for long time usage and it’s providing an ideal balance with more control of the drill especially with the battery attached. It has a small LED light that is very useful for dark or confined places. The LED light will stay ON for 20 seconds after a trigger release, that to help you check your work after drilling and manage other stuff.

Brushless Motor

The DCD777c2 model has a brushless motor which is the main reason for its lightweight and good performance. These motors have 30% more runtime than the brushed motors and are more efficient. You can use a smaller battery with better lasting, that to keep the drill lighter and easier to carry around.


The DCD777c2 model is most suitable for homeowners and medium-light DIY projects. As I mentioned before, it’s my first recommendation drill for home use that is listed in my best picks list, check my Best picks out HERE.

Final Remarks

The Dewalt DCD777c2 is a very excellent drill due to its impressive power and lightweight. It’s very popular and it’s rated as the most efficient one with its class. I believe its the perfect choice for an entry-level product. It’s really budget-friendly compared to the features you will get. What do you think ?!

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