Impact Drill vs Hammer Drill For Concrete

Photo by Charles & Hudson The difference Drills are generally used for making punctures or for driving screws into surfaces like concretes. They are designed with tool cutting attachment or driving tool attachment. Very commonly, they are used in woodworks, constructions, concrete surfaces, DIY projects, space missions, and also in medical practice. Impact drills and hammer drills are types of drills and this post will expose you to the difference and … Read More

What Volt Drill Should I Buy

There are different kinds of electric drills in the market. Many of them come with different voltage rankings. The electric drills usually have differences that are known to satisfy the needs of different users. The powerful electric drills are usually very useful. The power drills like the high volt drill are usually used by experts in need of the tools to carry out the different projects. A homeowner may not … Read More

Impact Drill Vs Regular Drill

There are a lot of power tools on the market that can be used for a lot of projects. Amongst these projects, there has always been a regular rivalry between the impact drill. as well as the regular drill. A lot of people opt for the cordless drills when conjuring up thoughts about the rivalry. Among power drills, cordless drills are the most popular drills or drivers. It is very … Read More

Difference Between Impact Driver And Hammer Drill

A lot of people that make use of power tools can’t differentiate between both tools, impact drills, as well as Hammer drills. The major differences among both tools include the method of operation, weight, appearance, expense, as well as purpose. Purpose Both different kinds of drills have different purposes.  The Hammer Drill is used to regularly drill holes into various hard surfaces like concrete or brick. It can be used … Read More

Types of drills and their uses

The drill is one tool that comes with an attachment of a cutting tool or driving tool. like a driver bit or drill bit that is used in the creation of holes in different materials, or the driving in of screws. The attachment usually is linked with a chuck at a drill’s end, allowing it to get rotated when pressed on the material targeted. The tip, as well as the … Read More

The Ultimate Drill Buying Guide Cordless & Corded Drills 2018

A drill is an essential in every tools setup. whether you are a house owner who needs to hang some frames in the living room, a DIY advanced person who wants to build a garden shade in his house or a contractor who is renovating a client house. A drill is the first power tool you want to have in your toolbox for such projects. Hence, it’s very important to … Read More