Best Right Angle Drill Reviewed & Rated (Top 7 of 2020) 12v,18v, 20v

right angel drill

A right angle drill is a tool that is popular among plumbers, carpenters, and DIY-ers. However, that doesn't allow it to be confined only to a handyman. If you are often subjected to situations where you wish you had a power tool with a tiny head to fit into the smallest spots or a tool you could use even at awkward angles, a right angle drill is your guy! With this tool, you can reach places behind beams or joists that a typical drill would not allow.

Top 7 Cordless Right Angle Drill Reviews and Ratings

1. Milwaukee M18 Cordless 2615-21CT

Milawaukee M18 2

This is a versatile right angle drill from Milwaukee that offers complete control to the user thanks to the electronic clutch with 11 settings. Milwaukee is known for its high-quality drilling tools and the 2615-21CT is an absolute pleaser as it can fit into tight spaces effortlessly.

The tool can be used conveniently with the help of its extended multi-position handle and LED light. The compact design of this M18 is supported by its 3-3/4 inch head length. The 11+1 torque settings accompanied by the 3/8 inch single sleeve chuck is worth a mention as well.

According to happy customers, the Milwaukee 2615-21CT is a powerful drill for its size which comes with a standard battery which is sufficient to last for a long time. This right angle drill is ideal for tight spots and it is suitable to use on hard materials as well.

The M18 2615-21CT is without a doubt, one of the best right angle drills that is easy to use as well. This is why this right angle drill is an ideal option for professionals who need to get the work done in cramped up spaces.

Durable and reliable
Comes with an 11-speed electric motor
Compact design for easy grip
5-year long warranty assured
Built-in LED incorporated
Heavy as it weighs about 8.1 lbs.

Top Questions and Answers

Q. Does it come with a case?
A. This right angle drill usually comes in a soft case. If not, other good quality packaging materials are used.
Q. Is it a strong tool?
A. Yes, the extra strength is supported by the all-metal keyed chuck.
Q. Is it accompanied by a battery and a charger?
A. Yes, it comes with a lithium-ion battery and a 1-hour charger.

What’s Our Take

The Milwaukee M18 Cordless 2615-21CT is a solid right angle drill that has ample power to last long hours of drills. Plus, the amount of charge left in the battery indicator is a convenient. This tool is ideal for drilling on fragile materials as well.

Even though it doesn’t have the smallest head size, the LED light comes in handy. The only drawback of this tool is the weight as it can make long hours of usage troublesome. But apart from that, the brand’s reputation along with the 5-year warranty should give you enough reasons to go for this.

2. DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Compact Driver DCD740C1

Dewalt 20v

This 90 degree tool reaches places where many other similar tools cannot. This is why it’s a must for carpenters and home renovators. It's an easy-to-use right angle drill with a comfortable grip that allows usage for a prolonged period. With this, you'll get variable speed from 0-600/0-2000 RPM. A steady control is achieved with the 3/8 inch hex pocket which easily fits in a 2-inch hex bit into the chuck. 

This reliable tool with a 20 volt drill is constructed with durable materials to make it safe to use. Also, it provides the perfect amount of vibrations therefore it is assured that your arm will not get tired even if you’re using the drill continuously for hours.

Overall, it’s a great choice for professionals who are looking for a high-performance right angle drill. It's a comfortable and compact tool that can operate effortlessly. This cordless right angle drill, with the multi-grip trigger, can easily fit in spaces that are hard to reach and be worked with for long hours.

Dual speed settings – RPMs or torque
Lightweight and compact
Multi-grip trigger
Powerful battery to withstand an entire day of drilling
3-year long warranty with 1-year free service
The chuck could be larger

Top Questions and Answers

Q. Can it drill through hard surfaces?
A. Yes, it can even drill through ceramic tiles.
Q. Is it compatible with all DeWalt batteries?
A. It is compatible with the larger sized batteries from DeWalt.
Q. What is the head size?
A. The head size is 4 inches which is common in right angle drills.

What’s Our Take

The DEWALT DCD740C1 right angle drill is perfect for professional plumbers, electricians, and carpenters as it has extreme functionality. What's great about this 90 degree drill is that it fits into the tiniest spots that too with ease. Although the chuck can be troublesome at times as you might have to tighten it time and again, multiple pros make up for it. As long as the material you're drilling on isn't extremely hard, this right angle drill will do a great job. 

3. Makita 18V LXT Li-Ion Cordless 3/8″ Angle Drill XAD02Z

This is a versatile drill with lithium-ion batteries which are known to have the fastest charging time. The cordless right angle drill allows easy drilling applications in multiple situations, be it during plumbing, electrical tasks, door installations, and more. The head length of the tool is 3.5 inch therefore it can fit in the tiniest spots with ease. What's great about this tool is that it has tons of torque along with great control over the drill speed.

Moreover, with the help of the LED lights, you can work easily in the darkest corners. Another noteworthy feature of this 90 degree drill is the Star Protection Computer Controls which prevents overheating, overloading, and over-discharging of the tool. This compact right angle drill comes with a paddle switch with a soft grip so it’s comfortable to use for prolonged hours.

Keyless chuck
Star Protection Computer Controls
Built-in LED light
Lithium-ion battery
1800 RMP
Not compatible with old batteries

Top Questions and Answers

Q. Is the handle of the drill removable?
A. Yes, the handle of the right angle drill can be removed to fit in tight spots.
Q. How much does it weigh?
A. The weight of this tool is 4 lbs.
Q. Where is it manufactured?
A. All the Makita tools are manufactured in Japan.

What’s Our Take

Makita XAD02Z right angle drill is the perfect solution for handymen who need to work in tight spaces without having to use an external cord as the tool is cordless. The 3-year long warranty shows that it's a high-quality tool that will get all your drilling jobs done whether you use it for work or to fix issues at home. However, it’s not compatible with old batteries so it’s advised to get new ones if the batteries you have at hand are not compatible. Nonetheless, it allows a very quick charging time which is essential for professionals.

4. Bosch 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Driver Kit PS10-2A

Bosch 12v

This lightweight, versatile right angle drill is one of the most ideal sized models of its kind in the market that lets you reach tight spots in beams and drawers easily. Thanks to its 3.5-inch head, you can get the tool into confined areas easily. It can also rotate and lock into five different positions. Also, it is covered by Bosch’s Tool & Battery Protection Plan which you can activate once you register your tool at the company's website.

This drill provides smart features that are suitable for any user. With the help of the cushion-grip handle, you can work even in awkward angles with ease. This tool surely delivers ample power in a small package. Plus, the hanger hook can be used to store the tool once you’re done using it. With Bosch holding its reputation, the PSA-210 is one of the best power tools you can find in the market.

Overall, it's a great right angle drill that comes with a storage hanger that you can use to store it when not in use. With this tool, you’ll get the utmost precision as the 7+1 electronic clutch makes the task speedy without the possibility of over-torque. The functionality of the quick-change chuck eliminates any chances of bit loss. Plus, you can easily remove or tighten screws using the Forward/Reverse button. 

7+1 electronic clutch
Quick change chuck
Ultra-compact head length of 3.5 inches that
Forward/Reverse button
No Flaw Found

Top Questions and Answers

Q. How is this different from the PS11-102 model?
A. The PS10-2A surpasses the PS11-102 model in terms of functionality as it allows the connecting of drill bits and nut drivers quickly.
Q. How sensitive is the trigger control?
A. In terms of sensitivity, this model is much better than the earlier models.
Q. Does it have a built-in LED light?
A. No, this model does not have a built-in LED light.

What’s Our Take

Whether you’re a professional plumber or just looking to remodel your home, the Bosch PS10-2A is perfect for you. The small size of this right angle drill along with its articulating head is convenient to reach awkward angles easily. Bosch has a reputation to hold and the satisfied customers have vouched for this model. Although it doesn’t have a built-in LED light like most of the right angle drills featured in this article, the multiple features of this model makes up for it.

5. Hitachi 18 Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch DN18DSLP4

This product delivers all drilling and driving needs in confined spaces, and with the LED light you can illuminate dark corners where it requires applications. It features a belt hook that allows you to hold the cordless right angle drill conveniently. The 3/8 inch keyless chuck supports a variable range of bits. 

This power tool from Hitachi has got it all – it drills at a right angle, comes with a handle, has a LED light, and indicates battery status. Also, it is covered by Hitachi’s Lifetime tool body warranty.

With this product, you will get the highest precision and comfort when you use this tool with the help of the variable speed paddle. The battery indicator keeps your usage time in check. Although this product doesn’t have any torque settings, satisfied customers have mentioned that they are impressed with the torque of the tool. Plus, with its forward and reverse settings, users can get exactly the drilling operation that they need. 

Allows to monitor status with battery indicator
Lifetime Warranty
Reaches up to 1800 RPM
Comes with detachable auxiliary handles
Weighs 3.3 lbs. without battery

Top Questions and Answers

Q. Is the torque adjustable?
A. No, you can only adjust the speed in this model.
Q. Does it offer the reversible function?
A. Yes, depending on the settings you can go forward or go on the reverse with this model.
Q. Does it have an LED light?
A. Yes, it has an LED light that can make the job easier in dark spaces.

What’s Our Take

The Hitachi DN18DSLP4 is one of the most affordable cordless right angle drills in the market with its slim design and outstanding features. The lightweight and portable product can easily be carried if you're a professional or you could simply use it at home to fix certain issues. With its side handle, you can effortlessly control the tool during tough applications as well. 

6. Ryobi One+ 18 Volt P241 Driver

If you’re in search of value for money, this right angle drill will meet all your drilling and driving needs with its various features. The combination of 130 lbs. torque and 1100 RPM motor speed will get your job done easily. Even though the built of this product isn't of the best quality in the market, you get a 3-year warranty. 

You can use the LED light to work with greater accuracy in dimly lit areas such as under sinks, cabinets, or in attics. The long neck design comes in handy especially when you’re installing HVAC systems. The rubberized grip on the product prevents slippage when you’re working in slippery places such as under the sink. Plus, you can use the magnetic tray to keep the screws within easy reach. Overall, this cordless right angle drill is perfect for daily household jobs but it’s also suitable for professional plumbers and carpenters.

Built-in LED light
Comes with 18V batteries
3-year warranty along with 90-day replacement warranty
3.2-inch head length
Weighs 3.4 lbs. without batteries

Top Questions and Answers

Q. How well does it work on hard surfaces?
A. Drilling on hard surfaces with this product requires the use of both hands as there’s no clutch to fix the slipping force to one setting.
Q. What’s the size of the drill?
A. This tool has a 3/8 inch drill.
Q. Is the product accompanied by a battery?
A. No, the battery has to be purchased separately.

What’s Our Take

This is another affordable right angle drill that gets your job done easily in tight spaces. Even if you’re working in awkward angles, you can use the magnetic tray of the drill to keep your bits on the tool. Also, the right angle drill has a long neck therefore you can fit it in confined areas with ease. It has a relatively sufficient amount of torque at 130 lbs. Keep in mind that although it’s one of the most affordable drills, the additional accessories like the battery and charger will ultimately increase the total cost.

7. Makita 12V MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8″ Driver AD02W

Weighing only 2.5 lbs. with the battery included, this is a portable right angle drill which is easy to move around and operate in tight corners. With the paddle switch, you can easily control the speed and alter it based on the type of material it is used on.

The AD0W is a reliable tool that will come in handy not only to professionals but to use at home as well. The easy-to-use tool can be utilized for stud work at home or to install drawers or cabinets. The ergonomic design of the product helps to hold it with ease while you get all sorts of plumbing job done.

You can obtain a variable speed up to 800 RPM that can be obtained in this along with multiple fastening applications. A noteworthy feature of the battery in this drill is the self-discharge feature so you do not have to worry about the battery getting drained quickly when not in use. To sum it up, it's a conveniently designed right angle drill that tailors to all your plumbing needs even in tight areas. 

Lightweight and portable
3-year warranty on the product with a 1-year warranty on the battery
Enhanced comfort with rubberized barrel grip
Built-in LED light for accurate operation
Noisy in comparison to the other drills featured here

Top Questions and Answers

Q. Does the kit come with more than one battery?
A. Yes, if you order the kit it will come with two batteries. However, only the drill comes with one battery.
Q. How much power does the drill provide?
A. You can obtain a maximum of 800 RPM in this drill with variable speed.
Q. How well can you drill on hard materials with this?
A. It is not the ideal choice if you are looking for drills that can easily be used on hard materials.

What’s Our Take

Ideal for nooks and crannies, the Makita AD02W cordless right angle drill is lightweight yet powerful. As long as you're not hoping to use this product for cutting applications, this drill will get your job done for both professional and home use. With the added LED touch, it makes all your plumbing tasks much easier. It's better to purchase the kit as it comes with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. 

Right Angel Drill Buyer’s Guide

1. What Do You Use A Right Angled Drill For?

A right angle drill is a specialized tool used by professional plumbers, carpenters, and home renovators. It doesn't usually come in toolboxes therefore you may have to purchase it separately to meet your drilling needs. The ideal use is to reach tight corners or spaces that a typical drilling tool cannot reach. These compact right-angle drills are comfortable to use even with one hand. 

So if you are an electrician you can use them to drill through studs, or if you have one at home you can utilize it while installing cabinets and drawers. The right time to get your hands on a right-angled drill is when your conventional drill is unable to reach confined spots. 

2. What Are The Best Drills On The Market?

All the right angle drills featured in this article are of high quality and assures great performance. But our top picks are the DEWALT DCD740C1 and the Milwaukee M18. The DEWALT one has a top spot due to its lightweight feature and compact design that allows it to reach confined areas with ease. Also, it has a great amount of torque even though it's a small product.

Satisfied customers have vouched for the multi-grip trigger of the tool which allows maneuverability. The Milwaukee on the other hand is packed with functionality such as 11-speed options and an electronic clutch. So you can work effortlessly with this 90 degree drill.

3. What is the Best Drill for Beginners?

The Ryobi One+ P241 is ideal for beginners as it has features that ensure the utmost comfort. The rubber over-mold on the drill handle is easy to grip while the built-in LED light illuminates dark spaces and helps you work with accuracy. The longneck design and the magnetic tray make this product perfect for household jobs such as working under the sink or drawer/cabinet installations.

4. How Do You Drill a 90 Degree Angle?

The only difference between a right angle drill and a standard drill is that it is at a 90 degree angle therefore it allows fastening and drilling in tight spaces. You can use a right angle drill with one hand, except when you need to add attachments or you're working on a super-hard surface that requires a good grip on the product. 

Even though drilling holes in confined spaces may seem tough, a right angle drill will help to reach the desired spot easily. Working behind beams and joists become more effortless if you have a right angle drill at hand. The cordless right angle drills support portability while the addition of an extended cord will increase the reach. Either way, these tools are designed in a way that you can drill a 90 degree angle with ease. Plus, a lot of these right angle drills come with a LED light therefore the tool itself will illuminate dark spaces and you can drill with more accuracy.

With its ability to get into confined spaces, right angle drills are essential for construction workers, plumbers, and home renovators. There are quite a few aspects to consider while purchasing a right angle drill. To make it easier for you, we have curated the list of the best right angle drills in the market.


Even if you’re not an electrician or a plumber, right angle drills will always come handy at your home as well. So, instead of calling a professional every time you face minor issues in your household, you can use your right angle drill and fix it in no time! With that being said, any of the right angle drills featured in this article will get the job done perfectly.

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